Singular Irregularity

Singular Irregularity
Time Travel Gone Terribly Wrong

Art Credit: thyc-graphics

This book to Debut at GenCon Indy 2016!
Look for Kimber Grey with GWGP in the
Author's Avenue section of the Dealer's
Hall! Also Available on after
August, 2016.

A personal note from the editor, Kimber Grey:

I have been writing fiction and poetry since I was in grade school, and I can genuinely say without hesitation that it is, and has always been, my Bliss. I wrote my first (laughably bad) novel in the sixth and seventh grades, and wrote my first pieces of short fiction in high school (which were, thankfully, much better).
I keep the company of editors, authors, agents, and publishers because they are my kind of crazy, and I love watching them delve into their passions nearly as much as I love to follow my own. My beautifully nerdy friends are the ones who inspired me to assemble this, my first anthology. I have followed along with editor and publisher colleagues as they reveled and lamented the task of collaborating with many authors to create their own collections, and I was drawn to the challenge and glory of becoming an 'anthologist'.
I began day-dreaming about what collections would captivate me. 'What would I HAVE to read if I saw it on a bookshelf?' 'What concepts would I love to write about?' 'What would I be utterly tickled to edit?' 'What have I never seen before; what is the anthology world lacking?' I have worked with a handful of authors before on collaborative projects, but GWGP has never before taken on a task as complex and challenging as coordinating a host of authors. When my inspiration journal was filled with pages upon pages of concepts and notes, I knew it was time to grow into this new role.
The bottom line: this book is more than just one person's dream, it's a collaborative effort of more than twenty talented writers, and it is something I feel the world needs. It is hard science, soft fiction, humor, and horror all folded into one masterpiece. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with these authors and reading their stories, and I'm sure you will, too.

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